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The goal of the JAI High School Prep Program is to introduce students to the career field of Office Management as an Administrative Professional. 

Careers as Administrative Professionals can be life-long pursuits with entry-level jobs such as Receptionist to senior-level jobs, such as Chief-of-Staff.  Senior-level Administrative Professionals have the possibility of receiving six-figure incomes in addition to fringe benefits including health insurance, paid vacation and stock-options.

Jobs as an Administrative Professional are extremely rewarding with the opportunity to use a multi-faceted skill set including mastery of office software, customer service skills, event planning and much more.

Facts about Administrative Professional Careers

  • Many entry level positions only require a high school diploma or an Associate degree.

  • The median income in this field is over $40,000 in the Metropolitan Chicago area.

  • Over half of all Administrative Professional jobs are in the industries of healthcare; education; and professional, scientific, and technical services.

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